The Case For Hugs : Let Life Happen


The Case For Hugs : Let Life Happen.

Prefers the puter closed.

Prefers the puter closed.

Love this Barbara -thanks for sharing!

I love hugs too! This reminded me so much of a friend I’ve lost touch with- Kate Fitch. She was a hug enthusiast as well- a hug evangelist even -she was a joy to work with! She’d come into to (peon) PR room for hugs on the regular (of course we also had the Kona coffee)! Oh and now I miss Andrea too! -I’m terrible at keeping in touch- (#badpigkim) those skills need some extra attention, stat. Going to have to track down all my Channel 2 peeps now. Keith, Frances, Maria, Esther, Michelle- all y’all- I’m coming for ya! Darn, I may have to head down to Miami soon.


Is Search Changing ?

Google Now- some say negates this. Much to noodle on here.

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It recently dawned on me that I do far more searches away from Google than I do on Google.  I’m not talking about a factor of  2 to 1 or 3 to 1. My off Google searches out number Google searches by at least 10 to 1 on a daily or weekly basis .

How can that be ?

It’s because Google is late on everything. The latency on Google information relative to searches on Twitter (or hosts to the Twitter Firehose), Instagram, Tumbler, Pinterest, Facebook (although declining because they changed the search of public pages to hash tags), is long and important.  Just a few short pre twitter, pre app years ago we could depend on the fact that if the information was important to even a small segment of the population someone would put it on a website and it would be indexed by Google and made available…

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